Battle of the gay choirs? What’s that? Is that something you can go to? And who is going to win it? The 10th scenic stage production of the schmaz - schwuler männerchor zürich (zurich gay men’s chorus) provides all the answers. In «schmaz. DIE ENTSCHEIDUNG.« («schmaz. THE DECISION.»), after having won first prize in the category «Women’s and Men’s Choirs» at the Swiss Choir Competition in 2017, schmaz is now turning to a ruthless view of the present with a maximum of musical diversity and a shot of irony.

The choir takes the audience along on a musical journey through South Africa, the US, England, France, Scandinavia and Switzerland. Apart from 20th century contemporary music there will be gospels, classic pieces by a Zurich composer as well as especially arranged medleys of popular artists.

An enjoyable extravaganza full of decisions, in which the audience finally always wins.
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